Score Reporting Instructions

Score Reporting Instructions


Home teams are required to report scores by call-in or web feature by close of the game day.  The call-in number is 1-904-758-0875 The event ID is 53608.  The event ID changes each season. The 4 digit PIN number required is provided on the Manager Information Sheet in the team packet. 




 Don't have your team packet, contact, your club representative.


Verify the score after call-in by reviewing the team schedule. The scores are dynamic to the website and will post within approximately 1 minute.  Incorrect scores should be called-in again by the team.  The second call-in will replace the incorrect score.


The home team is listed first on the schedule.  Field location of the game does not determine the home team. At times due to rain and referee availability games may be scheduled on the away team's field. 


The home team is required to provide the match card to the referee. Complete the top portion of the card prior to submitting to the referee.  The referee does not have the required information. The game number and division name is listed on the team schedule.


U10 & U11 scores are required to be called into the system and match cards provided.  U10 & U11 standings are not published.  The game results are used for forming divisions the next season. 


Teams will incur a $15.00 per game fine for scores not reported and match cards not received as provided by the Rules and Procedures.