FALL 2021 Schedule

The penalty for the violation of the opt out rule is a monetary fine equal to $500.00 plus referee game fee and forfeiture of the match.


League games in conflict with state cup and president cup matches will be rescheduled.  The VSL Administrator will review the state cup  & president's cup schedule each week and reschedule all league games conflicting with state cup games. The team is to contact their league opponent with notification of the conflict and game cancellation. Team managers and coaches with questions are to contact their club rep only. 


Any request for rescheduling of a match must follow the requirements in the Rules and Procedures posted on the website.  Contact your club rep for more information.  All teams are to communicate with the league via the club rep only.


To obtain assistance for incorrect field map entries contact the home team or home club representative for assistance.  The listing of club reps is under contacts on this website. 


Directions to fields and maps are created in the club's portion of Gotsport, the league scheduling provider.   Correct directions to the fields are the responsibility of the member club.