Section VIII Divisions and Game Structure


A. The Committee for Competition, composed of the Chairman of the Competition Committee and appointed members shall meet and develop the divisional composition for each season’s match play. Each Club will be contacted concerning their team’s division placement prior to divisional placement being submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.

B. The Committee shall present their recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval at least one month prior to the commencement of play. Final approval of the divisional composition shall be the responsibility of the Board of Directors.

C. Game Structure, defined as the number of games and dates of regularly scheduled matches, shall be determined and approved prior to the Competition Committee meeting by the Board of Directors.

D. Any club not responding to the request for information from the Competition Committee is denied the right to request consideration by the Board of Directors of desired changes to the proposed divisions approved at the aforementioned competition committee meeting.

E. Team Promotion and Relegation

Main decision factors for existing teams:

1. The first place team in each division in final season standings shall be promoted to the next higher division within that age group only.

2. The last place team in each division shall be relegated to the next lower division within that age group only.

Extenuating decision factors for existing teams:

1. Player turnover:

a. New players.

b. Loss of players.

The policy allows for player turnover to be considered as an “extenuating circumstance” to be considered in the team’s placement by the Competition Committee. Such player turnover would be noted in the comments section of the team declaration form and supported through the submission of the following 2 documents by the Club Representative to the League/Competition Committee for consideration:

2. Copy of previous season’s official team roster.

3. Copy of upcoming season’s official team roster/working roster.

F. Competitive divisions for the upcoming season become final upon their approval by the league board of directors. These approved divisions may be subject to revision as the result of teams being withdrawn from league play prior to the issuance of that season’s schedules. It is required that in all instances wherein a division suffers the loss of two or more teams, that said division must be referred back to the Competition Chair for review to ensure that the competitive goals of the league are still being met. The Competition Chair shall take any action deemed appropriate to preserve the competitive posture of all approved divisions and shall report such actions taken to the league board at the next scheduled meeting.

(adopted 08.31.04)