Section V Club Entry and Obligations      


A. The Board of Directors must approve entry of a new club into VSL. Travel Soccer Clubs comprised of two or more teams requesting membership must submit the New Club Application Form including the following information: Club Name, Officers, field information and availability (fields must be of appropriate size and the necessary quantity to support the number of teams entered). Once the club is approved, they may register teams. Active membership is normally maintained by registering a minimum of two teams in any one season and by registering at least one team in the remaining season.

B. The Board of Directors shall establish dates by which active members must submit fees and

designated forms. Failure to meet these deadlines precludes the Club and/or teams from entering a team in VSL for that season, unless authorized by the Board of Directors. Fees are non-refundable.

C. Prior to the start of each season, each active member club entering travel team(s) in VSL shall submit the following:

1. Prior to the declaration of every team, each member club must review each team's conformation for compliance with VSL rules, see section VI. TEAM/PLAYER REGISTRATION, subsection C

2. Club Declaration Form, which shall specify the Club Officers and Club Representative to VSL.

3. Team Competition Declaration in the required format submitted to the VSL Administrator.

4. Administrative Team Declaration in the required format, including designated fee deposit, submitted to the VSL Administrator.

5. Field Declaration Form, including maps to all fields, in the required format submitted to the VSL Administrator.

D. Field Requirements – Acceptable playing fields in proportion to the number of teams entered for seasonal play must be available to enter teams in VSL. The following is required:

1. Each club must provide one (1) field per four (4) teams or fraction thereof entered.

2. Clubs not able to provide the required field(s) shall not be allowed to enter teams.

3. An exception to the above shall be a letter from another Club or organization allowing a Club to play on that Club’s field(s). In such a situation, the total number of fields available must be proportional to the combined total of both Club’s teams.

4. When a letter of agreement is used to satisfy the field requirements, a copy of the letter shall be provided to the VSL Administrator with submission of the Club Registration Form. The letter shall specify any limitations or restrictions to the use of the field(s) and the responsibilities of both parties concerning field maintenance, preparation and provision for nets and corner flags.

E. Field Preparation - The Club sponsoring the home team shall be responsible for the following and shall be subject to the penalties outlined in this section for failure to properly prepare its field(s).

1. Fields shall be legibly marked in accordance with the FIFA Laws of the Game.

2. Grass shall be cut to an even height. The height shall not impede the movement of the ball nor the players.

3. Nets shall be in serviceable condition and securely fixed to the goals.

4. Corner Flags shall be placed and conform to the specifications of the FIFA Laws of the Game.

5. The referee may refuse to allow match play if, in his/her opinion, the field is improperly prepared.

6. A referee may declare a field unplayable and cancel a match(es) due to improper field preparation. When a match (or matches) is cancelled by the referee due to IMPROPERLY PREPARED FIELDS, THE CLUB SPONSORING THE HOME TEAM SHALL BE FINED AN AMOUNT EQUAL TO THE REFEREE FEES AND SHALL FORFEIT THE MATCH(ES). VSL shall reimburse the visiting team(s) their portion of the referees’ fees. Failure to properly prepare fields resulting in match cancellation may be reviewed by R & D for additional action by the Board of Directors.

F. Field Conflicts

In the event of field conflicts, the following shall apply:

1. State Cup matches take precedence over VSL play. In the event of such conflicts, the

State Cup match(es) shall be played. Clubs should not submit VSL declared fields for

State Cup matches without verifying in advance possible schedule conflicts.

2. In conflicts with other VSL matches, the youngest division shall play.

3. In conflicts with house leagues sponsored by the Home Club, VSL matches shall take precedence. The home club is responsible for coordination.

4. When same day conflicts with other activities occur, the Home Club shall be responsible for rectifying the situation. When the scheduled field or a suitable alternate site in relative proximity to the scheduled field cannot be arranged, the match shall be canceled.

a. The Home club shall initiate notification necessary to cancel later matches and/or to reroute later teams to the alternate field, including notification of the VSL Administrator.

b. The following penalties for matches canceled due to SAME DAY CONFLICTS shall


AN AMOUNT EQUAL TO THE REFEREE FEES AND SHALL FORFEIT THE MATCH. VSL shall reimburse the visiting team their portion of the referee fees.

G. Use of League Name and/or Logo

The league name “VSL” and/or approved league logo(s) may not be used without the written permission of the Board of Directors.