Appendix 6 Dangerous Weather Guidelines






By way of definition, dangerous weather such as thunderstorms and tornadoes constitute unplayable conditions, if any one of the following is present:


~ Lightning is observed and thunder is heard within 25seconds thereafter.

~ Reports of lightning strikes the ground within ten miles of the playing site.

~ Thunder is heard with or without the presence of lightning,

~ Severe thunderstorm and/or tornado warnings are in effect.


VSL club reps, coaches, team officials, and referees should be advised that if ANY of the above conditions exist a match should be suspended. The safety of all is the only concern. There will be no consideration given to cost, inconvenience or advantage due to the necessity of a time delay or replay/reschedule.


What to do if caught in the open during Lightning:


§ Most deaths occur when a person is in the open, under a tree or touching a large metal object like a goal. In the open, crouch or seek the lowest spot available. Move away from isolated tall objects.

§ Seek shelter in a large building or enclosed automobile.

§ Get away from open vehicles, such as pickup truck beds, convertibles, bicycles, motorcycles, etc.

§ Remove shoes with metal cleats.

§ If you feel an electrical charge, your hair stands on end or your skin tingles, lightning may be about to strike you - Drop to the ground immediately.

If someone is struck by lightning, start mouth to mouth and cardiopulmonary resuscitation immediately