Appendix 5 Match Procedures



Before Game Day

· The home team must ensure the playability of fields by checking the condition of its field and the height of the grass. See “Field Guidelines” for appropriate field preparation guidelines.

· Even when maintenance of the field is the responsibility of a park authority, city, county, military installation, etc., the home team is responsible for checking and determining playability no later 3 hours prior to game time.

· The home team should contact the visiting team at least three (3) days prior to game day to confirm the day, date, time and place of the match as a courtesy. Give good directions to the field. Check on possible uniform color conflict. The home team must change when a conflict exists.

On Game Day

· The home team will check the field and make sure it is properly lined and that nets and corner flags are in place. Nets and lines must be in place when the referee is ready to begin the game. A forfeit may result if the field is not prepared properly.

· If the city, county, military installation or park authority lines your fields, be sure they do it properly and often enough, or purchase equipment to have on hand in an emergency.

· Be sure the city, county or park authority has your club’s schedule so they can plan ahead to have fields ready.

· Each coach must provide a list of player’s names and numbers and team officials to the referee before each match. A photocopy of the official team roster or GAME DAY ROSTER from the VYSA Database may be used to accomplish this requirement.

· Player passes must be provided for every game. Referees are expected to check player’s passes for every game. A team unable to produce player passes by half time will forfeit the game. The score will be recorded 3-0.

· Home Team Responsibilities:

· Provide the official match report for the officials

· Complete home team match report information

· Additionally, if any of the following is relevant it must be recorded on the match report:

· Any player(s) or coach(es) serving a suspension for disciplinary reasons.

· If anyone other than the coach of record is coaching.

· Mail match report to the VSL Administrator within 24 hours of the completion of the match

· Call-in Match Score via toll-free number to GOTSPORTS Program.

· Visiting Team Responsibilities:

· Provide backup match report should the home team fail for any reason to distribute an official match report

NOTE – If persons sitting out games for disciplinary reasons are not identified on the report, THE SUSPENSION HAS NOT BEEN SERVED.

· Penalties for Failure to return match cards:

Failure of home team to properly complete and return the match report will result in a fine of $15.00