Appendix 4 Field Guidelines



The club sponsoring the home team shall be responsible for maintaining fields under these guidelines. Failure to properly maintain fields may subject the club to the penalties outlined in Failure to field a team/Forfeiture.

· Each club must designate appropriate home fields prior to the start of each season.

· After scheduling has begun, clubs making field changes risk the loss of home games.

· All fields must be rectangular.

· For U13 and older age groups, fields must be a minimum of 100 yards long by 50 yards wide, and a maximum of 130 yards long and 100 yards wide. For U10  fields must be a minimum of 60 yards long by 40 yards wide and a maximum of 70 yards long by 50 yards wide. For U11/12, fields must be a minimum of 80 yards long by 55 yards wide and a maximum of 90 yards long by 60 yards wide.

· Goals shall be sufficiently anchored to prevent mishap and shall be 8 feet high and 24 feet wide, except for U10 6 X 18 and U11- 12 7x21

· Fields shall be legibly marked in accordance with the Federation International Football Association/United States Soccer Federation (FIFA/USSF) Laws of the Game.

· Grass shall be cut to an even height. The height shall not impede the movement of the ball or the players.

· Nets shall be in serviceable condition and securely affixed to the goals.

· Corner flags shall be placed and conform to the specifications of FIFA/USSF Laws of the Game.

Fields must provide safe playing conditions. The referee may refuse to allow play if, in his/her opinion, the field is unsafe or improperly prepared. Should a referee not allow a game to be played because of unsafe field conditions (non weather related) the home team (s) will forfeit the game and all subsequent games until such time as the unsafe conditions have been corrected. In addition, the club will be responsible for the referee fees incurred.