New Club Application

New Club Application

New clubs seeking to enter teams in VSL must submit a timely new club application  and be approved by the board of directors.

New club applications for an upcoming fall season are due April 1st

New club applications for an upcoming spring season are due October 1st

No late applications are accepted.  Those clubs missing the deadline are invited to apply on time for the next upcoming season.

VSL requires a list of the board of directors, list of teams expected to be declared at the next declaration date, 1 field for every 4 teams by number played on the field, and a brief description of the club.  The New Club Application is used to submit the required information.  No fees are due with the application.

All clubs seeking entry to VSL are advised to read and familize themselves with the Rules and Procedures and Declaration Procedures of VSL.

New Club Application

Rules and Procedures

Declaration Procedures