May 24, 2015

Fall 2015 Rules Update

Fall 2015 Rules Update



1. Clubs dropping a team or multiple teams after the league deadline are required to pay the full fee for the season for each team.


2. Clubs are required to have one representative in attendance at the competition meeting.  The club representatives approve the final divisions before adjournment of the meeting.  The only change which may be allowed with the approval of the league Technical Director is a request to switch divisions with another team. The club seeking to switch a team between divisions is required to secure the agreement between the two clubs prior to seeking approval of the league Technical Director.


3. Clubs are required to pay deposits and balance fees no later than the deadline date set by the league.


4.  All teams are required to have first complete approval submittal of team rosters to the registrar in the fall season no later than August 7th..  Players not available or awaiting documentation may be added after the first approval by the registrar.