Goalkeeper Guest Player Rule UPDATED- NEW

 Goalkeeper Guest player Rule update: 9/28/2017

“A team may use a club pass Goalkeeper provided the team does not have a goalkeeper for the game.  The club pass Goalkeeper game day roster limit is the league roster limit for the age group.  The goalkeeper is position requires specialized training.  The club pass goalkeeper is exempted from the club pass limits for the safety of the players.

EX. U13 max roster is 18 players.  Rostered players available without a goalkeeper is 17 or less may use the club pass goalkeeper”

EX. U13 has 9 players from the league roster available.  The club pass limit is 5 to bring the team to 14 players without a goalkeeper, the goalkeeper may be the 6th club pass player.

Ex. U13 team has 12 players available without a goalkeeper.  The team may use 2 club pass players and a goalkeeper.

Please note the Goalkeeper must play in goal the entire game and cannot play in the field.

As a "Courtesy", please contact opposing team about goalkeeper guest.