Fall Due dates and Declaration Requirements

Club Reps,

The deadline for declaration is June 12 6:00 pm.  

All items on the list below are required.

1.  Teams  and fields declared in Gotsoccer.

2.  List of teams by Fall 18 age group,  gender, name of the team in gotsoccer, division request to include teams playing up, and double coaches.

3.  $100 deposit per team is to be postmarked no later than June 12th

4.  1 opt out date is allowed in the fall season.  Deadline to report opt out  is 6/24.  Reminder, the rules provide a $500 for a team missing a league game for a tournament without an approved opt out.  Labor Day and Columbus Day weekends are not league dates.  

5.  No late teams will be accepted.  

Competition Meeting 6/17