9/7 & 9/8 Hurricane Update

Club Reps

Widespread power outages affects communication.  This morning's forecast the southside is the area of 4 - 8 inches of rain.  
All games on southside of the Hampton Roads Tunnel are cancelled for the weekend.  To include OBX, Rush, Beach, ODSC, AYSO/Arsenal FC,Suffolk, Chesapeake United & Chesapeake SC. Golden Ball, VB City FC, Churchland and Western Branch. 
VIP United is cancelled for the weekend. Located in Hampton flooding is an issue for the families.  
Southside teams with a games in Richmond those games will be cancelled due to travel. 
John Faircloth is following up with the Richmond ,VA Legacy, and TSA Sharks, Yorktown, and Baystars. 
Southside clubs and VIP United notify your teams.