10/20 Field Closures 10:18

10/20  Field Closures 10:18 am

Warhill turf fields are  closed. 

Norfolk Coll Turf - VB CITY FC Closed standing water on the turf

Jolliff field - Western Branch Closed

Monogram Park - GoldenBall closed

Fighting Creek Park - Powhatan Fury

PAAC closed - ODSC

Captain Slade Park - VBCity Closed

Cornland - AYSO Arsenal Closed

Bethel Elementry - Baystars closed 

Mac Reynolds Complex - Yorktown FC 

OBX field closed 

Richmond Strikers Capital Park Closed

Carollton Nike Park - Smithfield Closed

 UTC fields closed - Richmond Strikers Chesterfield

All Grass Fields Closed at HRSC - Va Rush & Beach

Warhill Grass fields closed TSA Sharks and Va Leagacy

VA Legacy 3 games on Grass 8 moved to Turf 2 Game # 1354. #414. #490

Centerville 6 & &7 Chesapeake Soccer Club 

Centerville CUSC fields Closed

Fighting Creek Park - Powhatan FC Fury closed

FC Richmond vs Monticello #540 cancelled Hugenot Park 

John Tyler 2 closed Goldenball 

Courthouse field closed - Dynamo & Richmond Kickers